Plumber under a sink

Plumbing Safety Tips For DIY Homeowners

Before taking on a DIY plumbing repair or project, it is advisable that you consider some of the basic safety precautions to guarantee your own safety. These tips from will include general tool safety tips as well as the legal or official requirements related to plumbing installations. Since plumbing involves working with pipes, it is vital that you consider what a pipe is for and does it carry sewage or pressurized water? and the possible results your actions will bring.

Plumbing the safe and smart way starts with considering your next step. Taking the time to consider what is in the pipe and if you need to shut off supply could be the difference between a successful repair project and a disaster. Here are some of the things to do when handling a plumbing project.

• Before opening up a drain, think. Before removing a cleanout or separating drain parts, consider if the pipe’s content will drain towards you. Drains are not normally under pressure; however, a clogged drain could have significant pressure build up because of the weight and gravity behind the clog. So many plumbers have horror stories of opening clean outs, creating a fire hose effect of spewed sewage.

• Shut off the water supply. If the work you are about to handle involves a water supply, then make sure that you shut off the water first. Sometimes, what may look like a decorative knob or cap may be the only thing holding back pressurized water. Therefore, to avoid flooding your kitchen, bathroom or basement, consider shutting off the water before handling any plumbing repair.

• Protect your eyes. It is always advisable that you wear safety glasses when handling any plumbing work. You never know what could happen when snaking a drain, or when using a reciprocating saw, or drill, or even working under the sink. All of these present potential eye hazards. At the same time, using safety glasses will keep your eyes safe from possible contaminants like drain or sewage gunk.

• Protect your hands. When working on plumbing, make sure to always have work gloves on to protect your hands. Since your hands will come into contact with different chemicals and materials during a plumbing project, using gloves will keep you from getting hurt.

• Practice tool safety. Exercise due diligence when working with different plumbing and power tools. Make sure that you follow all of the manufacturer’s usage recommendations.

• Read labels. It is important that you always read instructions and labels when using plumbing machines/tools and chemicals. Follow the recommended usage tips at all times and check to see if there are any warning labels on the equipment and products you will be using.

• Stay informed. Before starting any plumbing project, make sure to check all the pertinent local plumbing and building. Know what plumbing work you can handle on your own and which projects require professionals. Get a permit for plumbing projects that require one.

• Have someone to assist you. While most minor plumbing projects can be handled by just one person, it is still advisable that you have someone on hand to help you get the job done. An extra hand will not only make the project easier to handle and much faster to complete, but they could also be of great assistance in case of an emergency.

Follow these and more plumbing safety tips to stay safe when handling a DIY plumbing project.

First Aid Sign

What Should Be In A Home First Aid Kit?

It’s important to make sure you and your household are prepared for any emergencies that might occur in the future. To aid in this, you’ll want to put together some sort of home first aid kit. These are a few of the items that you will want to include in your kit. Thanks to North West Fire Solutions for the inspiration for writing this article after completing their first aid course

A Wide Range Of Bandages

Whether someone is dealing with a papercut or a larger wound, you’ll want to make sure you can bandage them up. You should keep bandages in a variety of sizes and shapes in your kit.

A Disinfectant

It’s important to clean and disinfect wounds before you manage them up. You’ll want to keep something like rubbing alcohol in your kit. You’ll also want items like cotton balls so that you can safely apply the disinfectant to people’s skin.


If someone in your household is dealing with a more serious wound, you’ll want to wrap the wound so that you can stop the bleeding. Gauze or wrap bandages should be kept in your kit at all times.

A Thermometer

If you suspect that someone in your household has a fever, you’ll want to see what their temperature is. If you have a thermometer in your first aid kit, you’ll be able to look at their temperature and see where it falls. If their temperature is running high, you’ll want to call the doctor as soon as you can.


You should try to keep a few different medications in your first aid kit. Laxatives, anti-diarrhea medication, and antacids are all terrific choices. You’ll also want to stock up on over-the-counter anti-inflammatory pain relievers like acetaminophen and ibuprofen. Cough and cold medicines and hydrocortisone cream are also smart medications to store.


You need to make sure you can cut gauze, bandages, and other things that need to be snipped. Make room for a small pair of scissors in your first aid kit.


You’ll want to make sure you can deal with splinters. Tweezers are an essential item to include in a home first aid kit.

Disposable Gloves

If you need to examine someone, but need to protect yourself, you’ll want to wear disposable gloves. Keep a few pairs stored in your kit.

Preparing For A Blackout

You shouldn’t just keep items that are designed to treat illnesses and injuries. You should also make sure you’re fully prepared for a blackout. Store matches, candles, batteries, and flashlights and other items you might need in the case of a blackout.

Other Emergency Items To Store

Make sure your first aid kit includes contact information for your family doctor, the poison helpline, and local emergency services. It’s also a smart idea to store medical consent forms for everyone that lives in your household.

If you have a well-stocked first aid kit in your home, you’ll be fully prepared for a number of emergency situations. Make sure you put together a first-aid kit and include all of the items listed above. These are some of the most essential items a kit like this can contain.

Heat Pump on Side of Dorset Home

A Guide To Heat Pump Installation In Dorset

If you’re looking to have a heat pump installed in Dorset, then you can rest assured you’re making a great decision that’ll quickly pay you dividends in the form of energy savings and more.

However, it’s certainly a good idea to do some research and due diligence before you pick any installation company to do this important work for you. In this guide, we’re going to reveal a few tips that will help you make the right decision when it comes to selecting a heat pump installation company, so let’s take a closer look.

Firstly, it’s a good idea to measure up your home and garden to decide whether you have enough space to warrant a ground source heat pump installation. Fortunately, this is relatively easy to do, and all you need to do is assess whether there is enough space for the necessary ground loop and pump, along with making sure there’s plenty of access for any digging machinery that will be needed to install the pump.

Additionally, it’s a good idea to consider how well insulated your home is, because the better loft and cavity wall insulation you have, the more energy-efficient your home will be, thus making the heat pump more effective as well. Keep in mind that any lost heat can cost you quite a lot of money, and this will eat into the energy savings you’re making by having the heat pump installed.

Next, you’ll want to decide which kind of heat pump system you want to install, with the most common options being horizontal or vertical ground source heat pumps. As you’d expect, the horizontal system simply works by laying in a shallow trench over a wide surface area, and this will usually require a couple of trenches that’ll be around 30 m long.

On the other hand, you may prefer a vertical system, which simply requires a buried pipe that’ll be kept within a borehole. In general, these holes can be anywhere from 15 to 100 m deep, depending on how much heat is needed to warm the home.

Something else you need to consider carefully will be the company you hire to do the work for you. Unless you have all of the technical machinery required to do the job yourself, you will usually find it much safer and wiser to have a professional company do this important work so you can rest assured it has been done efficiently and effectively.

Perhaps one of the best ways to find the right company is to make sure they are MCS approved, as well as checking to see whether they are qualified to use the Renewable Heat Incentive, which is a fantastic government initiative that will allow you to scores an excellent discount and rebate by installing renewable heat technology into your home.

At the end of the day, choosing to have a heat pump installed in Dorset is a wise investment for the future, and there’s no denying that it will quickly pay dividends in the form of saved energy costs.

Liverpool Security Alarm System

Top Considerations When Hiring An Alarm Installation Service In Liverpool

Security is one of the top priorities for all individuals regardless of whether the property being managed is a residential or commercial one. Nowadays, it is possible to install Liverpool alarm systems independently by purchasing cheap alarms online or at a retail store. While this is convenient, it is not always recommended as some fault may occur, and the alarm system may not be installed correctly. To avoid this potential error, it is advised that you utilise the services of a professional security alarm installation service.

Due to the popularity of this particular service, it is easy to find a security system installation company online or via the yellow pages; however, determining their efficiency is another matter altogether. To ensure you receive the most superior service available, it is important to take various factors into account before making a final decision to hire the technicians. This article will provide information on the considerations to make when hiring an alarm installation service in Liverpool.

1. A Backup System

One of the most important considerations to make, or rather questions to ask, is the option of a backup system for the alarm systems Liverpool installed in the property. An effective and professional alarm installation service in Liverpool will provide a backup power source to ensure you are always protected, even in the event of a power outage. Remember, burglars can cut the electricity to the establishment to improve their chances of thievery; therefore, it is important that the company is prepared for this possibility.

It may be beneficial for the alarm installation company to have a backup communication system in addition to a backup power generator. This is useful in the case where other communication lines fail, such as the telephone lines being damaged. Be sure that the company chosen uses high-quality systems to provide you with superior service.

2. A Central Monitoring Device

It is important to determine if the company uses their own monitoring devices and services. Many businesses operate with third-party outsourcing to save costs; however, the more effective alternatives will provide direct monitoring services. Outsourcing is not a problem in many areas, but for security, it is always better to have a central system as this allows the company constant access to your alarm installation. You should be confident that the service used has a 24/7 operation approach with trained personnel providing the service.

3. Training And Qualifications

When it comes to security, it is vital that you consider the technician’s training and relevant qualifications. If you are willing to hire ‘just anyone’ to install an alarm system, you may as well attempt to install the security system yourself. To ensure the system is of the highest quality and the installation is superior, it is recommended that you review the training of the technicians and their qualifications.

4. The Cost

Unfortunately, the installation of security alarm systems is not covered in any insurance policies; therefore, it is important to compare different companies before making a final decision based on cost. It is recommended you draft a budget beforehand as this will determine what services are affordable and what are not. It may be tempting to overspend, but it is best to stay within one’s financial limitations and avoid facing debt irrespective of any long-term investments.

Chester Builder

Are You Looking For Builders In Chester?

As the international economic systems remain in a near constant state of unpredictable shifting and shaking, it can be hard to find any sort of consistent element of the commercial world that isn’t being rocked daily by one event or another. Some constants do persist, even in the frantic twenty first century, whether it’s the economic impact of the annual harvest or the impact of the global telecommunications systems have thus far been the defining element of life in the twenty first century. One true commercial constant, in the United Kingdom and indeed across the planet, is the near constant need for skilled builders to give life to the new buildings that can go up even in lean economic times.

Because the building trade is common in all but the most desolate parts of the country, builders in the densely populated area of Chester are reasonably easy to find. Their specialities can be quite varied, and if one needs builders in Chester, one should likely find one with a solid working knowledge of the kind of work they need done. Because even recent economic shake ups have not damaged the brisk trade in new and old buildings, finding a builder in the region of Chester is an uncomplicated matter, but still something of a difficult proposition for many people who need a builder for the first time in their lives.

Finding builders in Chester is not a terrible difficult task as most every legitimate and licensed builder in Chester goes out of their way to be found. Most people have social circles that can be inquired into about where to find a good builder. Given the prevalence of the trade in the region, asking one’s friends and neighbours can oftentimes turn up the name of a reliable builder who can handle your work for a price you can afford. On top of that, most builders go out of their way to show off their previous work and by examining their previous work, anyone can decided whether or not that builder’s work is right for their specific project. Whether one needs a new residential house or a small airport, there is sure to be a builder who has undertaken a similar project before and will know exactly what to do with your project.

If one simply can’t find the name of a good builder through these methods, one can also try searching online for a builder who can handle the job. Though unusual and massive projects such as skyscrapers or shipyards call for professionals who do not advertise very widely, finding a builder for a small project can be as easy as searching the internet. Crowd sourced review sites can be invaluable for weeding out the competent builders from the cowboys of their kind. A set of good reviews is usually a favourable sign that the builder is both licensed and competent at their trade, while a recurring amount of bad reviews likely means that the builder is not very good and perhaps not even licensed.